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VITAL/AAA provides an invaluable service for individuals who want the advantage of a concierge type automobile acquisition process.


Due to Vital's extensive resources with multiple brand and dealers across the United States, we are able to provide a unique and expedient acquisition process, whether you want to acquire a new or used vehicle and regardless of if you want to finance, pay cash or lease.

You will receive the exclusive insider advantage of the best vehicle to fit your needs or desires accompanied by the best possible terms.




Option #1: $100 for a 45 minute session with one of our vehicle acquisition specialists. In this session you will receive the best possible advice and all the information you will need to select, negotiate and navigate your vehicle acquisition.


Option#2: $500 will afford you the complete concierge experience in acquiring your next vehicle. You will get the best possible terms available overall based on your vehicle selection, acquisition type and personal auto history.


Disclaimer: Typically everything is able to be handled on your behalf with the exception of the test drive and any finance requirements such as applications and contract paperwork. Most acquisitions are able tp be completed within 48hrs.


IMPORTANT: After selecting your level of desired service and at completion of purchase you will recieve a checklist, these are the items you need to have ready for your consult.

Payment plans available.

Vital Auto Acquisition Advantage Package #1

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