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This program is specifically designed to serve aspiring business owners, beginning stage and struggling entrepreneurs. It removes all the guess work, alleviates the overwhelm, confusion and lack of certainty that naturally comes with starting and running a successful business. But this program isn't just designed to help you build businesses, we want to help you build a business that will actually set you free!

The Master Your Business "MBA" Program is leverage! It is a subscription/membership academy that allows you to effectively take advantage of other peoples knowledge, expertise, network, insight, innovation and time, to create a business with limitless income potential, and autonomy. With this subscription we will build your business brick by brick, step by step over time. 


The idea of building a business feels overwhelmingly, there is a lot of uncertainty, and to be quite frank you aren’t sure you can even do it! Which is why we truly believe, you should not even attempt to do it alone; we are here to help!

The regular price of this program is $129.99 per month. It is available for only $49.99 until July 25th 2022.

This program even at the regular non sale price is significantly under priced. The value of this program equates to millions of dollars generated in your business overtime. The comparison between your investment in this program and your ROI is so far off, the monthly investment doesn't actually make any sense.

So why are we doing it?


Because we truly believe that every human being should have financial sovereignty, we also believe the best most effective way to accomplish that, is through business ownership. So we want to lower the barrier of entry and give as many people as possible the best chance of setting themselves free. What we know for sure is, that we are not here on this planet to, work to live. So we want to make it within reach for all people with the will and desire to have freedom and sovereignty in life, to do so. We created The FREE Build Your Business Bootcamp as step #1: Learn to build a business with no money, without extra time and how to ensure you don't fail. This MBA program is an extension of that, but is designed to grow with you and your business overtime. 


Allow us to take you by the hand and guide you through building a business that is not just profitable but will eventually provide you freedom financially and the ability to live the life of your dreams! This is a NO contract membership, there are also no time constraints so you can operate at your own pace. We are so confident in the benefits of this program that we also offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee! If you do not see value in this program after actually participating and investing in the processes, we will give you a full refund of you investment.


Bonuses: You will retain access to the Build Your Business Bootcamp along with all of its replays, you will also get a Business HD profile to help navigate your new business with the least resistance possible.



We will explore how to find your ideal audience, capture their attention and leverage the social media platform's algorithm to turn them into customers on each major platform.


This will be the core of your profit strategy. We will explore most profitable forms of marketing and how to leverage them to atrract the right people, at the right time, who are ready to buy your product or service.


You will learn here how to leverage experts at the right time to legalize, and protect your brand, and products.


We will explore how to leverage your current clients, their networks and more to take your business to the next level.We don't do stagnation in MBA!


This is a where we focus on leveraging others to service areas of your business, that do not at the moment serve you to have internal team members to manage.


Leverage the scared art of selling to increase client conversion volume in your business.


This is a where we focus on leveraging a brand message that precedes you and your products, that speaks on your behalf that captures the hearts and minds of your ideal customers. 


In this segment of the program we explore how leverage debt and expenses to minimize your personal and business tax liability, therefore increasing your profitability and functionability of the money you make.


Leverage our unique perspective on the subject of hiring people to attract the perfect human assets to support your business growth! 


This is where we explore the power of automation to create a machine that makes your business work for you, instead of you working for it!


This is an area many business owners struggle with, we will explore how to maintain your current business momentum by keeping your previous and current clients engaged and coming back for more.


In this part of the program you learn to leverage what your employees want to not only retain them but to also achieve more from each human asset

"The secret behind every success story you've ever heard, is their ability to effectively utilize leverage; be it other people, resources or information. Leverage is the ONLY way to achieve prosperity and freedom in your business"

All successful people, regardless of who they are or what they are successful in; 💯% leverage other people to help them accomplish their goals. The concept that anyone pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps is a lie, it is completely false. 


The Titans in the world of business, entertainment, technology and anything else you can think of stood on the shoulders of giants, to get where they are today!


There is absolutely no need for you to start from scratch and figure things out the hard way, I've already done that for you! There is less than no reason that you should have to fail as many times as I have, to get to your destination.


In my financial sovereignty course, I teach the principle of "wealth cultivation" through leveraging other people’s money, the same principle applies to your business; leverage other peoples knowledge, expertise, time, insight, network, creativity and their past mistakes or failures to catapult yourself into a prosperous self sustaining business.


Humans are not designed to do life or business by themselves. Humans are designed to be supported through life, in every way possible. Allow yourself to be supported, enhanced and elevated by your connections and through collaboration with our "Master Your Business" MBA program! Join below!

What Our Clients Say

Happy Student

Riya Burch

"There is no other program that I've ever heard of that offers this level of service and support and especially at this price!"

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