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Vital Business Service Solutions exists to make the best better.

Vital identifies Companies that provide great products or services and offers them the opportunity, through Vital’s proven methodology, to reach new levels of achievement.

Most large Corporations are successful because they have an in-demand and successful product.
What they often lack, is service that matches that superior product.

Lackluster service is almost as bad as having an inferior product.  If your customers patronize you because your product is the best or because you control a large percentage of market share, but they hate everything else about the experience with you, then you are leaving the door open for another company to duplicate what you’re doing, but do it better.
It’s kind of like having a great meal ruined by a lousy waiter. You want to eliminate that as an option and that’s where Vital will help.


The H.I.D.E assessment is a revolutionary new way to approach personality and aptitude tests in the work place. H = Human I = Identification D = Designation E = Experiment provides managers, or directors of any kind a unique way to determine the best way to communicate with and what to expect from each employee.

​Imagine having a road map to how to get the best results regardless of the position or individual. We have also found great success in the incorporation of this system in executive peer level engagement. 

Customer Service


Customer Service is no longer what it was. It used to be that if you were relatively pleasant and did your job, it was enough.  Well, the bar has been raised, and unfortunately not by your industry, but by technology.

​You can ask SIRI or GO GOOGLE a question and they answer--with no attitude, no long wait times and no getting shuffled to fifteen different people to get to the right answer or place.  And,  you can ask the same question a hundred times and get the same pleasant answer. You can access ten search engines and in milliseconds get a plethora of variations of what you asked for. 

  • Does your company or assets provide service like that?

  •  Does the level of service you offer soar or diminish at the first sign of a problem?

  • Has any high ranking member of your team taken the time to call customer service to see what happens?

  • Have you googled your customer service number to see how easy it is to find and when you find it, can you simply click on it to call?

  • Is the automated service useful for the customer?

  • Does the automated service make the process of getting to the right department easy or difficult?

  •  Do you get bounced around to several different agents before getting to the department you’re looking for, and do you have to repeat yourself each time?

  • If you are disconnected while speaking to someone, does the agent contact you back, or do you have to start over when you call back?

  • Does the person you are speaking with, speak and understand English?

  •  Does it take an excessive amount of time to reach a supervisor?

  •  Have you ever experienced being overcharged for services or under- refunded, having to wait weeks to get it corrected when it only took a few minutes for the business to make the error?


If you haven’t experienced* these “customer service delights”, then you have no idea what your customers experience daily. And you are therefore not equipped to solve this critical problem. It’s not just your “customer-interacting assets” that are the problem. It’s faulty processes that no longer make sense--although it’s possible they may have when your company began.

What separates successful and ultra-successful businesses is having systems that uphold every aspect of the company’s values and that change to match the ever-evolving technology.

Even more essential is the culture your company exudes. Do you treat your employees the way you want them to treat your customers? Vital will help you identify what small changes can be made to change the culture and re-engineer some processes to raise the service you can provide to surpass the current industry bar. Vital will work with your Directors, Managers, Supervisors, and Team leaders or any relevant parties to make your service match the superiority of your product.

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