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Making your vision a reality...

My name is LaOta Rassoull, and I am the founder of Your Vital Solutions. 

Your Vital Solutions was created to be a literal life-line for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Our intention is to make starting and running a business for just about anyone as easy and un-confusing as possible. We want to remove the mystery, stagnation and overwhelm a-lot of entrepreneurs experience in the first stages of any new business venture. Another big goal of ours is to significantly drop the failure rate which is estimated at 20% for small businesses in the first year.

So not only are we prepared to hold your hand and walk you through the steps to begin your journey as you grow and your needs change, but we will also help you to become Vital, in your industry and to your client base. Our goal when taking on any client is the perpetual elevation of their business or enterprise, we won't just help you get started we will help you with the new demands of your clients and industry as your business grows. See Vital Services for current business solutions.



Henry Russell Sanders, a UCLA Bruins Football Coach in the 1950s, succinctly captured the essence of the philosophy that is the rudder of my professional life in his statement that “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” for me, every professional endeavor has but one goal—to find a better, more efficient way to move a work product or service from good to "Gold".  

My entrepreneurial journey has been a culmination of 20 years spent developing & executing corporate training and consulting programs in the small business sector, food service, automotive, retail/clothing manufacturing industries. As of 2022, I have 8 businesses spanning 6 crucial industries.

Over the past 20 years I custom designed programs for each business,I owned or ran from marketing strategies to on site process. Every aspect of these business operations received my time and attention to insure success, including personally overseeing implementation.

In my extracurricular schooling and internships my main field of study was in behavioral and metaphysical psychology. Why people make decisions, what sensory or environmental stimuli produces what results, what words have the power to influence certain actions? And thus, I have spent a good portion of my life harnessing that into effective coaching, marketing, sales and service oriented processes.

I began my journey unlike most, in an environment designed to cultivate practical skills vs theoretical knowledge. I received a unique head start in business and systems management in multiple industries. I was thrust into a leadership and training role at a very young age, requiring me to develop the skills necessary to translate what I knew in a way for others to practicably apply. This was a perfect crucible for me to see the vast opportunity different industries had to offer. The most paramount of my observations has been identifying things that could be implemented that just weren't even being considered.

I have several certificates of accomplishment, I have been a general manager as well as a business development, internet sales, and training director at different times in different industries. Not to mention my time spent as a sales and finance Manager in Automotive High-line.

​I have worked for small businesses but also corporations like Berkshire Hathaway, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus to name a few. My goal in all of these endeavors has been to find a better more efficient way of doing everything from developing product or service demand, all the way through to sales and service oriented interactions. I have successfully channeled that knowledge into guidance for entrepreneurs, small businesses, automotive dealers, vendors and even corporations who want to be the best in their fields .

I am LaOta Rassoull, founder and chief executive officer of

Your Vital Solutions, LLC...and I am Vital!


Your Vital Solutions is a consulting and business solutions firm exclusively for beginning stage entrepreneurs as well as established businesses that realize mediocrity is no longer an option. 

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